New Commission: 5 Iconic Sites in London

I was just contacted last week about capturing five iconic locations in London for a private buyer. As I am currently residing in the city, this will be a good chance to get out and about the city.

My goal is to capture these five locations according to my personal approach (how could I do otherwise?).

That means working hard to not replicate existing compositions, finding new frames in which to capture the (or an) essence of a building or location, and ensuring that the final image alludes in some way to the larger structure or site.

I’m especially excited about this project for one very big reason: I’ll be using my new Hasselblad camera. That means this will be my first series done in medium format (previous series were mostly done on Full Frame, with a few earlier images on micro four thirds).

Shooting on a 51-mp Medium Format sensor means that these images will benefit from superb resolution and better colour rendition than is possible with a Full Frame sensor.

Although I’m still working out the details with the buyer, at some point later this year I intend to offer these images for sale, in a limited edition run as usual (10-20 prints total).

Stay tuned!

*Note: the thumbnail image is of The Shard, London, and is not part of this series. To purchase a print of this image, please contact me directly: